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Job Title : Manager/ Sr. Manager

Job Code: BMI34
Job Posting Date: 12-Apr-2016
Location: Noida
Job Type: Full Time
Annual Salary:
Number of Vacancy: 1

Required Skill :
• Employer Branding & Other Campus Initiatives. ,• Develop operational plans and branding activities at assigned schools along with the campus leads, to attract top early career talent.,• Instrumental in building the brand as a preferred employer in the target market.,• Building the Brand of the Organization by way of continuous engagement at various stages of recruitment with different entities involved.,• Excellent Communication and Interpersonal Skills,,,,,

Educational Requirements:
MBA from Tier 1

Job Role/Responsiblity:
• Responsible for developing the Campus Engagement plan differently year on year with unique & different ideas to set higher bench mark. • Participate in overall forecasting and determination of campus hiring needs for select businesses- Full Time, Summer Interns and Seasonal Hires. • Building relationships with respective Executive Sponsors, Business Leaders with strong emphasis on respective vertical heads (in partnership with hiring manager), HR Business partners and C&B team, External Stakeholders – Colleges / University Students Representative. • Maintain Lava presence at University/Campus level and also responsible for interacting with internal teams to determine recruiting programs based on the company's hiring needs. • Create detailed plans with clearly defined objectives, desired outcomes, diversity plan, and calendar of events. Preparing the campus hiring charter that includes building a comprehensive hiring strategy for attracting entry level talent across Top Universities in India and also building the talent branding strategy to attract recruits from Lava’s target Engineering and MBA campuses. • Develop, implement and execute on-campus events that include: Info Session, tech talks, executive visits, and faculty visits, on-campus interviews, Lava Day's, events with student organizations. • Manage university specific campus teams to ensure appropriate selection of team members, clear role definitions/responsibilities; Coach and prepare the campus team members for campus visits; coordinate closely to ensure unified recruiting approach. • Timely response and error free communication to the institutes, Campus and Business. Manage end to end Business needs - Requisition to on boarding. Recommend the "Employee Branding" initiative for Campus hiring (Both Internal and External Branding). Ensure a standard format is followed for JD and for all external communication as per Lava standards. • Partner with university team to annually assess each target universities' performance to determine overall effectiveness, review analyses with key stakeholders and use data and feedback to make long-term decisions related to each school. • Develop, communicate, and implement university relations workshops, training, recruiter toolkits, and interview guides to ensure that campus recruiters, presenters, target school teams have the necessary information and skills needed to be effective. • Internship Hiring: - Develop and manage the Summer Intern and other Seasonal Programs with divisional recruiting leads selecting students for internship programs from top engineering colleges of India. Against the specific projects shared by different vertical heads for Short & Long term internship. • Conducting end to end internship programs starting from mentor selection, assigning projects, internship feedback, mentor feedback, expenses reimbursement to rolling out the PPO offers to the students. • Collaborated with talent assessment/search companies for identification of colleges across India to ensure quality hire.

Job Description:
As given in the Role/Requirement section

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